HIV/AIDS Health Program

The program was launched in 2017, and has evolved not limited to sensitization and trainings confronting the gender issues fueling the spread of the infection and diseases but with the partnership with other likeminded organizations has gone ahead to instate management of HIV at the grassroots in a bid for services extension and improvement of community health seeking behaviors amongst the sexual minority groups in the country.

Economic Empowerment Program

Under this program, the organization is seeking to promote economic empowerment initiatives through group saving and lending money under an initiative called Youth of destiny saving & credit group to enable the LGBT living with HIV (PLHIV) start up income generating activities so as they can improve on their standards of living in their respective communities .As a result of economic vulnerability, this situation has called upon sex workers and LGBT PLHIV to form /organize group which will enable them to get away with social problems resulting from impact of HIV and economic vulnerability . PLHIV vulnerability is directly related to poverty .In order to eradicate poverty, the need for analyzing its root cause and ways to tackle the problem is of great importance.

Safe Shelter Program

This program was introduced to reduce on the numbers of LGBT members who are homeless especially those who are evicted from their homes, parentís homes and workplaces due to their sexual orientation and don not have a roof above their heads. We provide shelter to 17 most vulnerable members LGBT members. This program intends to provide shelter to the most vulnerable LGBT community members get out danger zones to a safe home and equip to the jobless and hopeless members with income generating skills so that they can earn a living.

Self Defense Program

This program is built on self defense. The recent written history of Homophobia in Uganda that some of the LGBT members who succumbed to a hemorrhage after being unidentified individuals among others. LGBT members are tortured without mercy because one believes that they are even worth it since homosexual deserves nothing else but death. These members who were brutally tortured to death by homophobic unidentified individuals caused the need to build this program to provide our members with self defense skills especially the Transgender women.


A number of capacity building programs have been conducted to facilitate memberís technical support in areas of Information Technology, Monitoring and Evaluation, cyber security and Financial Management among others.

Human Rights Advocacy Program

Under this thematic program, the organization is seeking to advocate for the rights and freedom of the LGBT in our areas of operation. Through the program of the organization conducts community sensitization and empowerment trainings in Human Rights to enable them advocate for their basic human rights in the community so as to promote an enabling environment for the sex minorities. Furthermore, the organization through partnerships with other organizations has trained community paralegals to provide legal aid services to the LGBT in the community.



Core Values:

  • Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Accountability
  • Networking
  • Effectiveness
  • Integrity