Children of the sun Foundation Uganda Limited (COSF)

COSF Uganda was created to support and enable LGBT & Sex workers to create programs and influence polices in the area of gender sexuality, health and education. The organization promotes, protects, and advances LGBTI & Sex worker`s human rights by building leadership, strengthening capacity building and also to support the LGBTI & Sex workers led initiatives and movements COSF`s geographical scope: kampala, Wakiso , Mukono,Masaka, Mbarara,Fortpotal Iganga & Luwero district. We are hosted at The Aids Support Organization Mulago with office space.


HIV/AIDS Health Program

The program was launched in 2017, and has evolved not limited to sensitization and trainings confronting the gender issues fueling the spread of the infection and diseases.

Economic Empowerment

Under this program, the organization seeking to promote economic empowerment initiatives through group saving and lending money under an initiative called ‘Youth of destiny saving & credit group’ to enable the LGBT and Sex workers living with HIV (PLHIV) start up income generating activities so as they can improve on their standards of living in their respective communities.

Human Rights Advocacy Program

Under this thematic program, the organization seeking to advocate for the rights and freedom of the LGBT and Sex workers in our areas of operation.